Thank You!

Though thousands of ballots remain uncounted, based on the early returns, it appears unlikely that our campaign will be advancing to the run-off in November. 

While this is not the outcome any of us hoped for, I am so grateful today. Thank you so much—whether you donated, knocked on doors, phone banked, texted your friends, hosted me in your backyard, or posted on social media—we powerfully advanced a practical, progressive vision for how local government can make a meaningful impact in communities all the while holding those in charge accountable for their inaction.

The generosity and support from each and every one of you, and every voter in the District who voted for me, even if they wondered about how to pronounce my last name—it’s truly something I’ll never forget.

While we may not be on the ballot in November, the reasons for running in the first place remain as important—and the stakes remain as high—as ever before. It’s been one of the highest honors of my life to be part of a group of young progressives willing to take on these broken, but still powerful systems head on. And I’m not leaving this fight.

I hope you will continue to join me in this effort to make Los Angeles a safer, more affordable, and more liveable city for all. 

Thank you,


Kate’s top issues

  • Homelessness

    We must treat the homelessness crisis as the humanitarian crisis that it is, one that disproportionately impacts Black Angelenos and other vulnerable communities such as domestic violence survivors and LGBTQIA+ youth.

    Read more about Kate’s approach to homelessness

  • Housing

    We need more affordable housing and we must put power in the hands of tenants. Some people think those two are incompatible, but that is just a lack of imagination and a power imbalance at City Hall that doesn’t prioritize people.

    Read more about how Kate wants to solve our housing crisis.

  • Public safety

    Every Angeleno deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood and community. But most 9-1-1 calls do not require an armed police officer, which far too often leads to escalating tensions and dangerous outcomes for far too many and further exacerbates the city’s long and painful history of racist over-policing.

    Read more about how Kate will make our community safer.

  • Environment

    Across our city, we can already see the impact of climate change. And, if we don’t act boldly and quickly, it will only get worse, particularly in low-income neighborhoods too often exploited by corporate polluters.

    Read more about how Kate wants LA to fight climate change or her plan for transportation.

  • Creating a liveable city

    Right now, Los Angeles is not a liveable city for many. To make LA work for all people, there are many steps we can take, many of which are actually quite simple

    Read more on Kate’s ideas to make LA more liveable or her plan for transportation.

  • Economic mobility for all

    For too long, the city has put up barriers to small businesses, street vendors, and budding entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living for themselves and their families.

    Read more about how to make LA’s economy thrive

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“Throughout my career, I have worked to advance progressive policies that put families and neighbors first.”

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